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The continued influx of refugees in south-western Uganda and northern Uganda especially due to the re-emergence of the civil conflict in south Sudan creates a virgin environment suitable for evangelism and church planting. In settlement camps and communities where refugees settle for an average of 17 years, such an environment becomes a suitable place to establish evangelistic and discipleship programs through the church. The population of Uganda is incredibly young with the average age being 16 years. Over 50% of the population is below the age of 18 years. Once the church is established on firm and true foundations, there is great potential for the church in such an area to equip the generation, flourish and transform the community. This therefore calls for a program that would help establish evangelistic, discipleship and multiplier programs in such an environment; the church planters program.

There is a tremendous hunger for both spiritual and physical need of hope in the region devastated by poverty, lack, hunger, disease and fear. The communities are open for any ray of hope including the Gospel. Unfortunately the church in the communities are not equipped enough to embrace the opportunity. This therefore calls for empowering of the church with skills in regard to discipleship, evangelism, leadership skills and community development programs to help the church establish self-sustainability initiatives that may be of benefit to the community. In other words, there is need for the establishment of sustainable churches; churches that don’t depend on their mother churches or donor agencies for sustenance.

We have invested in relief programs this year specifically at Rwamwanja refugee camp and Kyangwali in South western Uganda. This has been an initiative undertaken to support the church planter program at Rwamwanja camp having over 70,000 refugees from Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. With already 10 churches planted at the camps, the relief program through which we have distributed items including Bibles, Shoes, clothes and Christian literature have been a blessing and strengthened the impact of the church at the refugee camp.

Through your generous contribution, we have now been in position to meet one of the most urgent needs; bibles in the local languages. Due to the high levels of illiteracy but also diversity of languages spoken at the camps, there has always been a high demand for bibles in the local language. Thank God, through your generous contribution, this need is being met. We have also purchased clothes and beddings especially for the children and mothers and a few utensils and cartulary to use for cooking.

Having done this, we believe the church will be in position to effectively preach and disciple the communities and having done this and bring hope to the communities through different activities including Economic empowerment programs, Adult literacy programs, Hygiene, health programs, children and youth ministry programs alongside other evangelistic and discipleship programs. However, the need is still great with Communities constantly in need of Christian literature including  Bibles, Mosquito nets, cups, Plates, spoons, forks and Saucepans, diet meal for the babies and mothers, Hoes, Blankets, Sanitary pads, Soap, Jerricans, Sweaters for children, Shoes, clothes and Christian literature have been a blessing and strengthened the impact of the church at the refugee camp.

A new door has already opened at Nakivale refugee camp in southern Uganda, with over 200,000 refugees from seven nationalities.  


We are currently soliciting for support in kind, financially, morally and in form of prayer.

We are in need of books on different subjects, encyclopedias, dictionaries, story books, Christian literature, Magazines, Bibles, Tracts, and any other literature that could be of use to the community...they don’t have to be new.

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Your contribution in-kind or financially will entirely be used to for the Community Library Project in Bulange community and then to other communities. As always, we do value every bit of your support and with uttermost care put it to the best of use for the betterment of the future of these children.

Thank You in Advance

Please also support and pray with us as we engage the communities.

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Mercy Link Foundation Africa is a mission faith based organization registered under the National NGO Board Registration number S.5914/10122